The Reading Woman Deluxe Address Book

The Reading Woman Deluxe Address Book
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The Reading Woman Deluxe Address Book
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124 pages, size: 7 x 8 1/4".

ISBN 9780764941818

Product Description

She is finding escape from routine in the pages of a novel. Or searching the pages of a more serious work for a way to broaden her horizons or transform her life. Or poring over a letter from a loved one. The reading woman represents a long, complex story that has fascinated generations of artists.

Why has the reading woman been such a popular subject for painters through the ages? Beyond being beautiful in herself, she is an expression of important, unspoken cultural ideas. She is ensconced in comfortable surroundings; she is at leisure: all’s right with the world. Well-chosen observations on the pleasures of literature, from historical and contemporary readers and writers, accompany each of the images presented here.

Pomegranate's deluxe address books are hardbound with a hidden spiral binding that allows them to lie absolutely flat. Forty full color reproductions complement information pages with room for 480 names, addresses, home and business telephone numbers, cell/pager, and e-mail addresses. A lovely gift. Shipped individually shrink-wrapped for safety.