Great Buildings Of Chicago Knowledge Cards

Great Buildings Of Chicago Knowledge Cards
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Great Buildings Of Chicago Knowledge Cards
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With 48 fact-filled cards per package, Knowledge Cards are a great source of condensed information—all in a deck the size of a pack of playing cards. Size: 3¼ x 4".

Chicago Historical Society.

ISBN 9780764900372

Product Description

Following the great fire of 1871, Chicago attracted architects and city planners eager to create an exciting new city on the "blank canvas" left by the disaster; by the turn of the century, Chicago’s tradition of architectural innovation and style had begun. The great buildings of Chicago tell the history of the city from its destruction to the creation of an architectural skyline unmatched by any in the world. This deck of Knowledge Cards from the Chicago Historical Society presents photographs of and historical and architectural information about forty-eight of Chicago’s finest buildings.

On one side of each card you’ll find a beautifully detailed photograph of a fascinating building; the location, architect’s name, building dates, and structural design are noted on the back. Click on the small picture to see a sample card.